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Yep, not too many here at the moment. I need some help finding which graphics people want - AND then finding suitable inspirational images to draw from. The ones here today are for the British Parachute Regiment as there was some interest to begin with. Let's see if I can get more done … if there is interest. Not too sure if I will be offering these on items such as, T-shirts to Mugs to Mouse Pads- I'd like to offer them - we'll just have to wait to see IF. If you see an error, or … If you would like to see some specific graphic - Please, let me know.

You know - I REALLY NEED some assistance in finding proper images for a whole variety of items seen on many countries uniforms - and of course foreign jump wings as worn on US Army uniforms are a very high priority. Good, LARGE, images are needed. Italian, Iraqi, Afghan, French, German, Spanish … MORE!     H E L P !

As always - if you would like a graphic for your unit or group's webpage, veteran's webpage, Facebook - MySpace - etcetera webpage I will gladly give you a graphic to use for no charge - only a link back to my main page. You must contact me with details of where and how it will be used so we can decide the size of graphic best suited for your use. Custom work is available too!

Please offer your support for ALL our service men and women wherever they are. Thank you.

Not really sure as to what to offer in the way of images here. Let me know what you'd like to see in the way of graphics.

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This is a LARGE graphic. it may take a while to display on your screen.

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