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Map Posters of Vietnam - OEF, OIF, Desert Storm-Desert Shield and Operation Just Cause-Panama
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    This is an internet store begun at the urging of others who had seen my graphics and made requests over and over again. And then, there is the steady medical deterioration of an old Veteran - so it is now the only way I'm keeping a roof over my head. Ain't Agent Orange wonderful stuff! I served in three of these Radio Research units from May 1967 until Friday the 13th of February 1970. There is not all that much out there for us, for these units. So, using my graphics, I began by making a few items for the ASA'rs to show off our time in the service - especially since there was "No ASA in Vietnam" - No doubt you've heard that before.

•  As you wander through the thousands of images I've made … IF you see one you would like to use on your unit website, or for your Facebook or MySpace page - let me know. If I have something suitable - I'll be happy to contribute an image in return for a link back to this page.

FREEE!  •  Those of you who are serving now or are Veterans just might be interested in having a map of the Operation(s) you served in for your records or for your claim. I have made available 8 1/2 x 11, black & white versions of each of my maps for you to download and save. No charge - just select the one you want to print, size it for your printer … and you got it.

•  There are black & white maps available for:  Afghanistan / OEF  Iraq / OIF  Baghdad  Gulf War  Panama  –  and …  Vietnam 
          Each of these maps are available as poster prints as well. — I am working on Korea (but finding info is proving to be less than easy).
    Yes, each of the above maps are available in full color as prints/posters. Click below on the name of the map you'd like to see.

 Afghanistan / OEF    -     Iraq / OIF    -     Gulf War    -     Panama    -     Vietnam 

    As of now I'm using two different companies to handle items based on the differences in their offerings (so note the shipping costs might be different). The Zazzle Gallery is large and is being completely re-done. (Zazzle offers YOU the opportunity to customise products as you would like to see them). At the CafePress shop there are many popular products unique to my shop there (Banners & Yard Signs, Keepsake Boxes & Display Tiles, License Plate Frames). Maybe Embroidery! ... Maybe (expensive so far) Click on a link to the left for the sections at Zazzle & CafePress. Links here open in a new window. Just close it when finished and this page will be here for your next selection. Or just go to the main page of either of the shops and browse from there.

    The first offering was a Map of Vietnam below, featuring all the Radio Research units I am aware of. (Available in multiple sizes.) There is one for Army units in general too. Now there are maps for Afghanistan / Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraq / Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation New Dawn, Persian Gulf War / Desert Storm / Desert Shield, and Panama / Operation Just Cause are available. Consider giving posters to your local library, to your local government offices, school libraries, or give them to history and geography teachers. Young'ens won't know otherwise. These were researched as much as I could for accuracy. A great number of official documents helped. asavn2.jpg

    Now that I've had some time to work on the store, there are over 5,000 different images with shoulder patches, beret flash, tabs, and badges for many of the Army units I hear of. More beret flashes are being worked on (over 400 found so far), and specialty items too. Many of these graphics are not found -anywhere- else on the internet.

    If you have any suggestions for additional items you would like to see here - send me an eMail message. If you have any 'official' patches you do not see here, or actually are the one who drew ... say, a sign, an emblem, or a pocket patch for the unit and would like to see it featured here alongside the others - send it to me (scanned big, snail mail, etc). I'll be overjoyed to get those up as soon as I can. After the store began to expand for other units in the Army, I wanted to include other services (you are not forgotten) - I just don't know that much about what to create for you all. Let me know. With washable grocery bags becoming more popular - I have some totebags here that work very well for that too.

    Groups are encouraged to contact me if you would like a custom designed Poster, T-shirt, Mug, Mousepad, or Totebag for your organization, a Reunion commemorative, etc. These items being offered for sale were selected specifically for the size and shape to show off the images to their best. Other items are a possibility also - some have been requested already and are being prepped or considered now. If there is sufficient interest, I'll create it with (very possibly) no additional charge - for display and sale in my shops. Remember - buy many many items!   I love you long time.

    As much as I hate it - the research for much of this was spotty at times - conflicting memories from those of you who have written me, a whole variety of Army and other 'Official' documents, news articles, and more. I know there is no way to fix every spot we slept, so I used official locations as published by the Army. If you find something you remember as 'different' or actually in error - please let me know. I certainly do not like the idea of being told I screwed up - but I need to know.

    Thank you for your support - and support all the men and women who are now serving the cause of freedom everywhere on earth.

 Barry Kintner - RVN 1967-1970 — www.a2zGraphicsWorks.com - Phoenix, Arizona
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep) - 1st Cavalry Division (AM) - 4th Infantry Division - Project Left Bank - Project Pace


    Check out this very small display of things now available in the A2Z Graphics Works store. To see more - click on a link in the column to the left, you will get a page in a new window. When done, close it and this page will still be here. Make a note to check back here soon, and maybe often, as I am always working on new (and requested) items for the store. If you are looking for anything in particular - send me a note with your request and I'll see if I can do that for you. Often there will be no special charges based on how many are likely to order.

Here is a short list of things available from the store(s) right now

Maps • Posters • Mousepads • Mugs • T-shirts • Hoodies • Golf Shirts • Tote Bags •  Stickers ... and More!

Army Security Agency & Radio Research Info

    I would love to receive additional information on all our units (SODs, Field Stations, Detachments, Aviation, more). If you have any 'official' unit patch graphics, crests, or Coats-of-Arms that you can take a (large) photo of or scan into electronic form - that will help a bunch.

    Take special note I would like to find out which graphics were used for our Aviation units (224th Aviation Battalion, 1st RRCo, 138th Avn, 144th Avn, 146th Avn, 156th Avn, and any more there really were, like the 7th RRFS at Udorn I think). This goes for the Project Left Bank and Left Jab guys as well as any others you can think of.

    I will eventually expand this to include all our other units I have no direct experience with. Udorn, Thailand - Shemya, Alaska - Asmara, Turkey - Ethiopa - Korea - Germany - Menwith Hill, England - Two Rock Ranch, California - South Africa - Chile - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Antarctica, and all the others I can get graphics for. Then of course there will be the 400th SOD, 402d SOD, 408th SOD, etc. Ft. Devens, DLI (Defense Language Institute), Ft. Huachuca, and all other ASA specific training facility or school anywhere is of interest too. Need graphics - and info  about  the graphic.  ASA and Radio Research wallpaper.

    Additionally I'd like to find any 'un-official' graphics used for paintings, gate, hooch and door signs, etc. If one, or more, is known, I will need to have direct contact with the person who drew the image if we are gonna get to see it here.

     Free  downloads of ASA desktop wallpaper - click  -here-  A variety of sizes are available.

Notes on my ASA website

 Hello from Tuy Hoa, July 1968.     For those who are interested. I have a little website for the 404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne). I made it because I could not find a site for our tiny unit. In fact the 404th is even missing on some other official 'references' - oops, I forgot - we were never there. Well, with all the research I've been doing lately - I am planning to create at least one short page for each Radio Research Company, Detachment, Battalions, and Group, or Aviation Company or Battalion as well. Time and lack of input may slow this idea down considerably.

    My current web hosting agreement allows me some space for photos and the like. While I may not be able to host lots and lots of photos and scans, I will be able to host a 'History', some articles, and maybe some of whatever I get sent to me for each and every unit we can think of - worldwide. I will compile the infomation I have now - BUT you all will 'proof' that info as you read it. Please contribute some.

    This is pretty much all I am able to do these days, it is unlikely I will remove the site anytime in the forseeable future. Let's make that (eventually new) website the place for Army Security Agency & Radio Research unit history. Free sites, while appreciated, are a real pain in the butt to deal with. If anyone wanted to move the website to it's own host I can do that too - Donate for it happen. I do own the domain name of - www.armysecurityagency.net - I'd like it if that URL can be used for more RR/ASA units at some point.

 Barry Kintner - Sp5, O5H, ASA, Project Left Bank — www.A2ZGraphicsWorks.com
RVN - 1967-1970 - 371st RRC/1st Cav Div (AM) — 374th RRC/4th Inf — 404th RRD(A)/173d Abn Bde (Sep)

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